Welcome to TravelSlow

Travel Slow is about casting aside the notion that holidays should involve frantically trying to ensure you hit every major sightseeing spot, making schedules, and cramming your break full of activities.  It’s for the type of person who can spend hours people watching over a coffee in a pavement café.  For someone who can settle into a sunlounger with a kindle and a cocktail menu and barely move for 8 hours.  For those who want to get up at 6am to do a sunrise yoga class, then go back to bed for the rest of the day to recover.  For people who want to see something, but not everything.

About me

I’m Sarah – a bit lazy, but highly motivated by food and sunshine.  I once travelled 3500 miles and planned an entire holiday around the desire to re-visit a night market where I had an amazing stuffed omelette.  Blogging about holidays, food, wine and London. Slowly.


If you ever find yourself in Hua Hin, go to the night market, find this stall and then rejoice in the best stuffed omelette you’ll ever eat.

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