Party Fizz – 5 sparkling wines under £6

As much as I’d happily take a bottle of Krug off your hands, there are times when you know you’re going to guzzle through cases of fizz, and don’t want to bankrupt yourself.  I bravely drank my way through 5 bottles under 6 quid, so you don’t have to. Go forth and party…

Gatao Medium Dry Sparkling – £4.35

If you prefer a demi-sec, this is perfect, and tastes far more expensive than it is.  Beautiful colour, and a subtle floral note.  A little too sweet for me. 

Porta 6 – £3.98

This is the winner for me.  Whilst the unusual appley-ness of the Danubio below was more interesting, this is a perfect party wine.  What it lacks in elegance, it makes up for in being utterly bargainous, and innocuous enough for everyone to like.  If anyone starts blathering on about the short finish, show them the door…

Danubio Brut Sparkling – £5.20

I loved the vibrant apple taste of this wine, although it may be too fruity for some.  Not a wine you’d drink all night – a glass to start the evening, or even with pudding would work well.

Hortas do Caseirinho – £2.42

Fresh light taste, very zesty, but loses its sparkle quickly.  Shame, as the initial flavour is excellent – one of my favourites of the group, but you’d need to be a swift drinker to catch it before it fell flat.  The soft mousse also makes it unsuitable for cocktails.

Primavera Brut Sparkling- £5.07

My least favourite of the group.  Boring and unstructured, but with a decent enough level of fizz that it could be redeemed as part of a cocktail.

All wines are from

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